Medicine CatsEdit

Medicine Cats are the healers of the clan. They heal sicknesses, wounds, and injuries of many kinds. 

Full Medicine CatsEdit

Full Medicine Cats are the cats who have fully completed their training and who have shown they have the responsibility to become a full Medicine Cat. Utilizing herbs and the wisdom they gain from StarClan, They are to be respected by all of the clan ranks, even leaders and deputies, because of their wisdom and contribution to the clan. Clan boundaries mean nothing to Medicine Cats, and they often collaborate as best they can, trying to avoid being involved in battles and arguments, though they won't  hesitate to back their clanmates up or stand for what they believe in. They interpret signs from StarClan, and can always tell when a kit is destined for the path of a Medicine Cat. In SageClan, Medicine Cats are allowed to have mates, as well as kits.

Medicine Cat ApprenticesEdit

Medicine Cat Apprentices are the kits who have no appeal to the life of a warrior. They usually have a certain intuition to help with herbs and help with tiny injuries even as kits.  Medicine Cats often see their loving of herbs, and when they come of age, then will usually ask for the cat if they wish to be a medicine cat apprentice. if the kit accepts, the Medicine Cat will take the kit to the Eclipse Pool to present before StarClan. After many moons of training, and learning herbs and remedies, they will be promoted to becoming a full medicine cat. Eventually, when their mentor dies or retires, they'll take over as the medicine cat of the clan.