Hello Sageclanners! Welcome to Sageclan's Official Art Club! Here, we will share our art with all the Sageclanners, and our visitors! Also, we will try new things as challenges, talking with friends, etc.

First of all, i will introduce myself, i am @VenusCat, aka Raccoon/Violetpaw, almost everybody knows me... Hehe.. Anyways, i will be the leading head of the group. I will be one who hosts everything and that, touht, don't forget that Red, Jade and Dusktail can also edit this and post anything whenever they want to. Well, without more prologue, i will start with the basic rules of the Club:

Do not post offending or disturbing content Edit

Don't offend your clanmates, includes pictures, screenshots, arts, etc Edit

Gore is accepted, but don't pass on using it Edit

No hating comments Edit

You must fill a form to join the Club, it's necessarry, badly... Edit

Don't vandalize the page unless your adding images or info to your Info File Edit

Name Speciality Requests Extras Badges
@VenusCat (Raccoon/Voletpaw I am right now making Digital Art, but i am good in traditional art. Open, making art trades to and comics :D My painting program is very bad, so, i do simple drawings that don't take too much work. I also like using some detail on the cat like the light to dark eyes, the long hair at the fore-head and sometimes the pattern. Leader Badge
Some Art-Work:
Name Speciality Requests Extras Badges
@Wolfypuppy9 (Aka Silverclaw/Wolftrot Scratch Art (pic below), AJ masterpieces I might only make you an AJ masterpiece for your birthday or a holiday. Requests are usually closed. I'm not THAT good at art so I'm mainly here to improve my skills. I might be sharing something random that I drew when I was bored. Note that I don't exactly have a camera, so if I do take a picture it may be backwards (cameras on laptops) Apprentice Badge
Some Art-Work:
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Name Speciality Requests Extras Badges


I usually do Digital Art but I also do Traditional Art! Open, they may take me a while if I'm busy though. I am terrible at backgrounds so if you ask for a certain background it might not come out that great, but I'll try! (If you don't ask for a background I'll usually just give you some various colors in the background) Also, please tell me if you want the shading style to be realistic or not.
Some Art-Work:
What are badges? Badges are a way to inform the others about some event/just to let the others know what have you achieved.

How can i win those badges?

There are certain badges, like Event Won, Best Artist of the month, Best artist of the Year, and the Apprentice (the one who is learning to draw).

The badges will appear right below the artist's info, as a type of drawing of the badge.

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